Results by Date

Rider Event Date Class Result
Simon CheneyCorbarieau, France08/08/2004Pre 1965 (unit)1st
Simon CheneyLezat, France13/08/2004Pre 1965 (unit)1st
Simon CheneyCorbarieau, France07/08/2005Pre 1965 (unit)1st
Simon CheneyLezat, France14/08/2005Pre 1965 (unit)1st
Simon CheneyFarleigh Castle Classic Class01/07/2006Pre 1965 (unit)3rd
Carl popeFarleigh Castle classic class01/07/2006Pre 1965 (pre unit)2nd
Kevin ReedFarleigh Castle Classic Class01/07/2006Pre 1965 (pre unit)1st
Simon CheneyConfracourt, France30/07/2006Pre 1965 (unit)5th and 1st
Simon CheneyLezat, France13/08/2006Pre 1965 (unit)1st


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